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Hatz Italy is the sales and service subsidiary for all Hatz products in Italy. The head office of the company is in Modena. The subsidiary manager of Hatz Italy is Mr. Maurizio Ferrarini.

Hatz Italia S.r.l.

Via Aldo Moro, 44/C
41030 Bomporto (Mo)
Phone +39 59 254129
Fax +39 59 254137

New Diesel

New Diesel is a production plant for mechanical injection components for diesel engine production in the Ruhstorf main plant. New Diesel is a 100% subsidiary of Hatz, but also supplies many other customers with injection components and precision parts. The plant is situated approx. 30 km south of Lake Garda. New Diesel has approx. 20 employees.

The company is managed locally in all technical matters by Mr. Bruno Alvaro and in all commercial matters by Marzia Vagni.

New Diesel S.r.l.

Via dell' Artigianato 100
25018 Montichiari BS
Tel. +39 30 9960167
Fax +39 30 9652600