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Maintenance and Repair

EasyClean: Have particle filters cleaned by the manufacturer

If your engine's diesel particulate filter (DPF) needs maintenance by Hatz, there is a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative to buying a new filter. DPFs refurbished by Hatz operate at a comparable standard to newly manufactured filters. Therefore, opt for Hatz EasyClean. 

  • The cost-efficient way to a cleaned diesel particulate filter.
  • If the concerned machine is currently not used very much.
  • Also available with Hatz removal/installation service on request.

Price: 748 € 498 €

  • The fast way to a cleaned diesel particulate filter.
  • If you need as little downtime as possible for your machine.
  • Also available with Hatz removal/installation service on request.

Price: 998 € 748 €


Particle filter maintenance is essential

Diesel particulate filters by Hatz are built to last for a long time, and they generally regenerate automatically. Increasing periods of use, however, can cause deposits which can clog up the mesh of the diesel particulate filter. In this case, regeneration is no longer possible. The consequences range from waning engine performance to emergency operation mode or emergency shutdown of the drive if maintenance is not carried out. DPF cleaning is also an important prerequisite for the emission-compliant engine operation. 
DPF cleaning transforms the particle filter into a nearly-new condition. The elements of the DPF responsible for the particle filtration are comprehensively cleaned and deposits are removed. As a result, the engine continues to be high performing and the emissions level compliance of your engine is retained.

When does the diesel particulate filter need to be cleaned or replaced?

At an interval of 4000 engine operating hours. Maintenance should be carried out no later than this. Another sign that maintenance is required: the engine initiates the DPF regeneration at increasingly shorter intervals. Diesel particulate filter regeneration, due to its operating principle, requires a higher load to achieve perfect results. Filters built into machines with a minimal load in particular should be inspected at regular intervals.

How is the particle filter reconditioned?

Not all combustion residues that the particle filter catches during operation are combusted during regeneration. This requires a special DPF cleaning process. EasyClean transforms the particle filter into a nearly-new condition with at least a 98 percent level of cleaning.

Why Hatz?

The benefits of EasyClean at a glance

EasyClean is the modular service from Hatz which provides optimal support for your particular filter maintenance: from cleaning to replacement, also available as an all-inclusive service package on demand. Depending on which aspect – costs, maintenance outlay, machine availability – are most important to you, the service can be adapted to suit your requirements. The easiest thing for you is to allow your Hatz service partner to take on the disassembly and installation.