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Maintenance and Repair

Hatz Smart Panel –
the most important information at all times at a glance

With the Hatz Smart Panel HSP, Hatz has developed its first display solution. Both machine manufacturers and machine operators benefit from the ease of use, the robustness of the display device, and the high degree of customization with regard to the wealth of information displayed on the engine and machine.

Optimized for harsh environmental conditions

The HSP was developed to provide reliable and convenient information on construction sites, in municipal services or in agriculture and forestry.

The following advantages contribute to this:

  • Bright and easy-to-read 5-inch display with 1000 cd/m²
  • Simple user guidance with clear touch icons
  • Large buttons that can also be operated with gloves
  • Robust panel and housing with protection class IP 65
  • Connection to HDS diagnostic tools for even more support during maintenance

Can be customized to your own needs

Hatz enables OEM customers to decide for themselves what information should be displayed on the smart panel. Engine operating values and maintenance information can be called up via the HSP as standard. If required, the menu structure and display colors can be adapted to the wishes of the machine manufacturer. By integrating company or brand logos, the compact HSP blends seamlessly into the operator or driver's cab of the machine.

Furthermore, sensor interfaces allow additional information beyond the engine operating data to be displayed on the Hatz Smart Panel. This may include, for example, liquid levels, temperature or pressure values for the machine.

Animated maintenance support

The HSP provides machine operators with comprehensive support for the maintenance of engines and machines. Animated maintenance instructions provide clear step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to restore optimum performance. In the long term, detailed repair and maintenance videos can be accessed using the HSP.